Project Management - Key to success

Structured PM plays an important role.

PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environment) evolved into one of the leading project management methods for the IT industry based on its consistent and obvious approach supporting lean and efficient project implementation. Even though other methods are also well known for technical projects, their focus is not necessarily on IT projects. Our own experiences with PRINCE2 for the usage in IT projects showed its contribution to success of IT projects by achieving greater accuracy and efficient planning granularity. Even regarding resource planning, management and control of project processes we found PRINCE2 prevailing most other methods. In the final analysis project budget and timelines were in fact “under control”. PRINCE2 provides, through a controlled use of people and resources, the ability to control operational and project risks effectively, for the benefit of managers and administrators of projects and organizations.
PRINCE2 is "best practice".
The method is generally known and will ensure a common language for all involved in the project. PRINCE2 provides projects with a controlled start, milestones and end. The focus is to set out a goal-oriented implementation of the business case. Regular and scheduled progress checks allow the management to correct divergences from the plan. For quite some time ITSCM own product development leads and contracts have been successfully managed with PRINCE2. Through certification and training, the PM's in our team are always up-to-date.


Quality Management

An integral Part of any Project

Realization, assurance and increase in quality are the critical factors in any software project: beyond the mere technical implementation, it is the user himself that turns the balance between success and failure.
This means that an efficient quality management needs to include, technically oriented test procedures, a degree of coverage of customer processes and usability requirements within the overall view.
In former projects our core business role consisted in testing and localization – hence what is a critical service within our present operations at times became a core business. Operating systems and standard software were accompanied with a technical and usability focus to ensure correct functionality (component and integration testing) as well as proper localization until the final rollout releases could be shipped to the market.
This background is a benefit to all our present development tasks. In addition the experience gained from our own implementations, rollouts and operational support, contributed to reach a synthesis of technically faultless procedure and at the same time unerringly usable solutions. In other words: doing the right things the right way.
User oriented quality management puts the user continuously in the center of the solution development and consequently incorporates the user's perspective early in the project phases. Quality management becomes a vital cross-section function of the project based on the following steps:
- Planning
- Perform
- Check
- Optimize


QA Lab since 1996

QA Cycle


Tailored Implementation

Being Microsoft partner since 1999 for Infrastructure Solutions as partnering as Independent Software Vendor (ISV) since 2012, we have successfully developed, deployed and supported infrastructure solutions for companies of various industries and sizes. We implemented solutions based on Linux / Unix, Windows Servers since 2000 and major virtualization platforms.

Strictly aligned with customer needs and specifications, all the required components including the leading DBMS and web servers operated stand alone or in clustered mode are delivered ready for customer acceptance.

As needed our implementations will range from customer network or hosting provider and be based on Windows, Mac, Linux systems while following common industry standards.

Together with our partners, we develop an implementation roadmap for a smooth local or international roll-out.


International Implementation Support since 1999 (US, FRA, GER, AUS)

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