Telecommunication Market

A tight interaction between communication networks, media content and emerging value added services drives the most significant business potential for the telecommunication industry. At the same time carriers have the opportunity to improve operational performance and increase customer loyalty by offering true “multi platform” products. The innovation core resides on the level of services and applications delivered by leading carriers. To obtain true efficiency along the value chain, a unified view of network operations, hardware vendors and web service providers becomes crucial.
To achieve successful project implementations it is our duty to introduce our expertise and experience in all involved stages of hardware, network and software tasks.
At this point our product line comes into action – our modular platform concept, integrates different customer perspectives and delivers support for various business models. Efficiency within the licensing and distribution process of digital products and focused dispatching of innovative digital services. Licensing, Activation, Update and Upgrade Services are provided from our products LRS (License Registration Server) and CDS (Central Dispatching Server).

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ITSCM delivers Software up to the latest standards – lean, compliant and efficient

Our customers manage with ITSCM developed systems an installed base of hundred thousand up to 3 million client installations. The bullet proved and successfully evaluated ITSCM LRS and CDS client systems represent since 2009 the reliable and efficient backbone for software licensing and distribution among our satisfied customers.


Industrial Solutions

High-tech industries providing mass products within complex manufacturing processes need to focus on manufacturing, maintenance and planning when it comes to cost reduction and productivity improvements. This requires a software solution smoothly integrating into existing environments and emhancing the significant savings potential. Thus human resources, spare part consumption and work planning needs to be continuously monitored and aligned within specialized performance models. Further the process-planning, monitoring and control of maintenance processes takes a leading role – each paired with transparent quality management. All these requirements are addressed by the SES (Spares Execution System) forming a powerful platform for your operations. In addition, SA (Site Analyzer) performs as an integrated business intelligence (BI) tool, enabling a full knowledge exploitation to take the best possible operational and strategic decisions.

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Continuity since 1999:
Our strict policy of qualification and training is confirmed since more than 10 years. Year by year within partner qualification programs. Advantage for our customers: Reliability and security. Being a certified Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner of Microsoft, software solutions provided by ITSCM are 100% mature and proven.

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Relying on state of the art project management methods is the key to successful projects...

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